3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Madonna Needle Works

"We wanted to expand our audience and reach out to young adults as well as children. The campaign 3marketeers produced illustrated the point and captured the imagination of our new audience."


Position consumer craft-making kits as a fun, creative category for children and young adults.


3marketeers found that the most unique feature of the Madonna Needleworks kits is the innovative 3-D use of yarn in whimsical patterns and designs. To illustrate this point, we superimposed yarn "hair" over our models to highlight an emotional "interactive - fun" experience.


  • Product picked-up by 2200 Walmart stores
  • Media includes Ladies Home Journal, Martha Stewart Living
  • Initial stocking order 300% beyond goal


Company  >  Madonna Needleworks
Industry  >  Consumer
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Advertising, Launch Programs, Media