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Personalized Buyer Journeys Lead to Increased Sales

Smart marketing begins with highly-targeted data.

We help identify which companies are actively consuming content related to your services and solutions to ensure you are targeting accounts already showing interest.

We leverage “Surge & Intent” including buyer intent, technographic (info related to a company’s technology stack) and competitive data to identify target accounts and buyer personas — this will help inform your Prospect List Development.

We leverage some of the most highly-regarded B2B and B2C data in the world, updated every 90 days. We can then overlay Buyer Intent Data to build out your ideal target prospect lists.

We will then validate, append, and add LinkedIn and social links. We will also add decision maker and influencer contacts to build your ideal target list. Beyond the campaigns we build for you, you will own the data for your own usage.

Whether it’s supplementing your existing target lists or helping you build new ones, we identify complete contact details for  decision makers and influencers you’re looking for while validating the accuracy and appending contact information.

Target Prospect List Development Checklist

Your successful marketing outreach begins with targeting the right audience. List development, augmentation, and procurement is an involved process, but a critical one.

What data is available?

Where does intent data originate?

How do I leverage it? 

Boost engagement with meaningful content that educates your audience.

Nothing engages better — whether it’s creating net new or refining existing footage. Campaign videos are an efficient way to create short form content highlighting your unique value to a specific audience

No longer cost-prohibitive, we can help you integrate video into your content stack. Remote video production can help cut content development time from months to weeks and more quickly receive legal approval.


We have the ability to digest complex technology and create messaging pieces that help customers understand your unique value proposition. By interviewing your product or account managers, we will quickly develop a framework, and craft a draft for you to verify and edit. We then add graphics to your branding guidelines, prepare final documents to leverage. You get source files for any future needs.

By leveraging online surveys, we help you glean input from your target audience and generate “findings” that are relevant and meaningful to your audience.

You will discover low-hanging leads, and be able to create a research document to leverage for papers, webinars and public relations (PR).

Content is King

Learn how you can repurpose content in new ways to elevate your lead generation — and hit the ground running, faster.

Successful marketing connects and motivates, stirs emotions, and creates 1:1 relationships.

Our design process starts with understanding your audience — the buyer persona, and what keeps ’em up at night. By taking an educational approach, your customers will view you as an old friend, and a trusted advisor.

A consistent voice will get you noticed, build rapport, and create an emotional bond with your audience — whatever the media. Building widespread recognition and preference takes forethought, insight, and persistence. When done effectively brand perception develops, and is coordinated and deployed among frequent, multiple touchpoint campaigns across many media.

Discovering the right voice is no trick. It is a process, but it is not a science. It is experience and intuition, feeling, understanding, careful research, careful analysis, and most of all it is listening. 

Listening to many customers, employees, and competitors, then looking for the threads that integrate rapid recognition, acceptance, and approval. Each message is then delivered in character and appropriately to each decision maker and their influencers.

From digital to collateral to 1:1 high response direct marketing — we ensure there’s a visual and content red thread that ties your campaign components together to build overall awareness and deliver measurable results.

Palo Alto Networks + 3marketeers

Cyber threats are on the rise and Palo Alto Networks has one of the most effective threat detection solutions in the world. In this collaboration we were charged with creating a unique experience that showcased the capabilities in an urgent and scalable way. See how:

Web development


Video & motion graphics

Get personal with your target audience

Whether your goal is to host an exclusive round table of 8-12 executives, a peer lunch-n-learn tour across multiple cities, or a movie premiere night with 250 prospects, employees and guests, 3marketeers can assist with planning, recruitment, confirmations, and execution of your events.

By leveraging 3marketeers turnkey event planning services, we can quickly scale your events while you build your internal teams.

Don’t forget to compliment your in-person strategy with virtual events to accommodate remote prospects where on-site may not be feasible.

From executive round tables to lunch-and-learns, the impact of one-to-one engagement with a peer in an informal educational format is priceless.

We handle all planning, audience recruitment, confirmations and logistics — your team focuses on presenting at the events. This format enables your team to quickly scale events without adding headcount.

The event that never stops giving — engage your audience live on an educational level, then repackage as an on-demand webinar for ongoing use on your website, in content syndication, or in a info center.

Do you have an existing booth infrastructure that requires new graphics? Or are you in need of net new booth infrastructure design and graphics for an upcoming show? 3marketeers designs engaging booth experience to meet your both exhibit requirements and your marketing goals.
Lunch and Learn Event

McAfee "Safe Never Sleeps" Campaign

“Safe Never Sleeps” was created and launched internationally – a fully integrated campaign that included print, digital, outdoor and tradeshow assets that cut through the competitive clutter.

Streamline and scale your marketing, allowing more time to drive revenue.

We design and program engaging email and landing pages on a project-by-project basis in the marketing automation platform of your choice. Don’t have a platform? We can build your campaign turnkey.

We build and optimize prospect journeys beyond design and programming, while also supporting other campaign components including paid media, retargeting content syndication and B2B social.

From CRM to CMS to Marketing Automation — our team can connect the dots to ensure your campaigns are truly integrated with your sales and marketing suite of solutions. Whether you prefer Salesforce, Dynamics, Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot, or eTrigue, we can connect lead flow to your workflow.

5 Essential Marketing Automation Campaigns

Campaigns are the focal point of marketing automation. They’re critical to customer engagement because they represent the customer journey from initial contact through purchase and beyond. This paper covers the five most commonly used marketing automation campaigns that eTrigue users consistently put to work for some pretty dramatic results.

Nurture Campaign

Acceleration Campaign

Drip Campaign

Webinar / Event Campaign

Form Campaign

Your website — the core of your demand generation machine.

Whether it’s an evolution or revolution, we design and fully implement websites that support demand generation and lead gen efforts.

We help our clients choose wisely and gate premium content appropriately in order to better qualify MQLs and ultimately, SQLs.

We prefer WordPress but we also work in Drupal and other CMS systems for larger sites. We’ll build and support your website development projects in a platform that best suits your short-term build as well as your long-term support goals.

Our team of onsite developers includes content, front-end, back-end, and application development.

How to Use Short Captivating Videos to Boost Sales

Are you using videos to attract customers and boost sales? If you are not doing this, you’re leaving a lot on the table.

Not all videos are created equal. Short captivating videos are informative and entertaining — the exact experience that the majority of people love. The truth is, most people prefer to see a movie than read a book that’s based on the video.

Amplify your message with impactful creative that delivers measurable results.

We can help you engage your prospects and like personas with meaningful content where they search, review, and conduct their research. By promoting your content only to prospects at your target accounts, we can help you deliver Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to your sales teams in a more predictable timeframe.

Our teams will help you build awareness and ongoing engagement nurturing with programmatic display, video, contextual advertising, and connected television right where your audience spends their time.

CRM retargeting can help target your message and deliver your message only to contacts you care about – reducing waste to nearly zero. Geo-Fencing can enable your team to deliver messaging to audiences where they live and work, with display, contextual and connected television.

Now you can build your brand — only where your audience spends their time.

We’ll help you effectively connect with and engage your B2B target audience through paid social channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and syndication.

How to Make Existing Creative Work Harder for Your ABM Campaign

Learn how you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle existing content to elevate your lead generation campaign assets — including those for paid media — and hit the ground running, faster.