Global Systems Integrators partner for their mutual success in Connected Construction – AWS and Accenture.

The Solution

As a Leading GSI partner, AWS and Accenture contacted 3marketeers to create a custom co-branded 3-month lead acceleration campaign to promote their new “Connected-Smart Construction” offering. 

The campaign was turnkey including creation of new assets, production of a 3-minute highlight video with co-branding, Webinar development, email nurturing as well as LinkedIn advertising and content syndication/asset promotion.  

This completely custom program bundled with prospect contact list development was destined for success from the start.  

Custom-Made Video with Partner Speaker

The Results

As the campaign concluded, AWS and Accenture were able to gleen valuable take aways from this successful program: 

  • Warm leads introduced to Accenture Account Managers to initiate conversations
  • Quickly ramped Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) in under 4 weeks 
  • Net-new prospects were added to their ongoing nurture programs
  • Track follow-up of sales reps, from the moment they received leads.
  • Ability to leverage the highlight video to promote across social and on company website beyond the scope of this campaign 

More Creative Samples

Perfectly designed, coded, and delivered.

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Launches Global Programs Simultaneously
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Check Point in “Harmony” with Their Channel
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