Kodak NuVue Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) Ads

3marketeers' has created the best images Kodak has seen in 6 years.

The Opportunity

Kodak’s NuVue Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology will revolutionize the world’s standard for display screens. Kodak needed to meet and educate prospects well before similar products hit the market, and was lacking in materials that could properly have the technology discussion from a product-application standpoint.

The Results

  • Meetings with C-level prospects
  • Significant customer wins
  • Market acceptance of Kodak as a WW leader in OLED technology

The Solution

 3marketeers created a complete OLED brand wrapped around “NuVue”. In addition to obtaining an industry website URL to establish broad market awareness for analysts and press, 3marketeers created materials on behalf of Kodak that addressed product development audiences both in the US, Japan and China. Our unique program to incorporate web landing pages directly into the literature, enables Kodak to save money for product updates, specs, and ever changing technology enhancements without costly reprinting of brochures. All materials were translated regionally by 3marketeers teams in Japan.

BullsEye! Microsite

Kodak Microsite Mockup


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