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5 Ways to Quickly Scale Your Partner Marketing

Learn how to guarantee double-digit response rates and close more deals with the C-Suite.

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If 75% of channel partners don’t have the resources to market your products and solutions — how can you continue to reach your partner marketing goals?
In this OnDemand Webinar, 3marketeers CEO, Jeff Holmes, and Kristin Carey, VP of Partner Development at eTrigue, discuss insights from over 30 years of successful channel partner marketing campaigns. Watch and see where you can make the most impact by:
  • Prioritizing campaign components to quickly scale partner campaigns.
  • Choosing which partners will put skin in the game and deliver.
  • Aligning your internal/external resources on “thru-partner” marketing campaigns.
  • Delivering leads in real-time with actionable insights for your partners.
  • Launching a partner campaign in 14 days.