High-Response BullsEye! Adar November 5, 2022

Proven Integrated Direct Mail & Digital

BullsEye! High-Response Demand Generation

BullsEye! is a turnkey program so unique it consistently breaks through market clutter and delivers a qualified prospect response rate — guaranteed.

BullsEye! combines the most productive elements of direct mail, web marketing, and response tracking in a one-to-one, permission-based environment. This special sequence of personalized and highly targeted interactions provides your qualified prospects an easy way to indicate interest in your product, solution, or program. 

What makes BullsEye! different from any other program you’ve seen? Engaging sales with real-time lead alerts, we’re tracking and providing robust reporting, partner by partner, salesperson by salesperson, with the ability to gamify each campaign and ensure the team is following up in a timely fashion. 


High response. Measurable results.

BullsEye! is especially effective when:

  • A consultative sale gets the best results
  • Prospect interest is emerging and timely contact is critical
  • It’s critical to reach the “corner office” and top decision makers or influencers
  • Delivering a complex value proposition requires 1:1 communications
  • You’re looking for a channel-enablement program that easily scales

BullsEye! program results:

  • Generated $13,000,000 in pipeline in 5 weeks
  • Achieved consistent 20%+ response rates
  • Reduced conversion cost per prospect from $4,000 to $350

How We Help

BullsEye! High-Response Demand Generation

Engage your channel partners — BullsEye! programs easily scale, from one partner to hundreds. Customize messaging for any number of products and solutions, and track performance of both prospects and partner sales teams alike. Sales will appreciate the real-time lead alerts; you’ll appreciate the ability to see how your partners are performing on any given play. 

BullsEye! is also ideal for corporate plays. Give us a call to hear how we can customize your program.