Channel Lead Accelerator Adar November 5, 2022

Channel Lead Accelerator

Scale Marketing with Channel Partners

Our turnkey program provides you the platform and the team to seamlessly identify campaign assets, engage partners, and run the campaign while providing you the robust reporting you need to track ROI. Your partners are able to focus on real-time follow-up to marketing qualified leads (MQLs). Channel Lead Accelerator programs help set up your partners, and you, for success.


Accelerating Leads at Scale

Dynamic Expertise

Turnkey Programs

  • Campaign & Content Build
  • Partner Onboarding and Training
  • Prospect Development
  • Lead & Follow-up Activity Tracking
  • Digital Nurturing Email Platform
  • GDPR, CASL, and CANSPAM Compliant
  • Supports programs in 93 countries, 24 languages

Abundant Benefits

  • Close Sales Faster
  • Real-Time Lead Alerts
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Effectiveness Reporting
  • Automated Marketing
  • Ongoing Content Development Support
  • Turnkey Services & Platform – No IT needed

How We Help

Scale Your Demand Gen Leveraging "Thru & With" Partner Marketing

Take the 5-minute quiz to receive your customized Smart Partner Marketing Roadmap and gain personalized tips to efficiently scale your partner marketing efforts. Our partner marketing platform of choice is eTrigue.


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