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Building a Better Prospect List

An Overview on how to leveraging intent, technographic and personas to build a better prospect list

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Industry experts estimate the rate of B2B data decay in 2024 will be as high as 73%. Your successful marketing outreach begins with targeting the right audience—list development, augmentation, and procurement is an involved process, and a critical one. Watch this OnDemand webinar featuring 3marketeers CEO Jeff Holmes, and VP of Account Services, Beryl Israel, and learn how to leverage intent, technographic data and personas to build a better target prospect list enabling you to:
  • Identify your prospect’s intentions.
  • Forecast opportunity more accurately.
  • Build an effective account-based marketing (ABM) strategy and boost campaign outcomes.

Learn how to build a better prospect list as part of your overall demand-generation program. Having run hundreds of demand generation, retargeting, and marketing programs for clients, we’ll share what works best — and what doesn’t. 

Download the Checklist to Building and Effective Prospect List