3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Tripwire

"Our VP of Worldwide Sales was 'blown away'! We've been trying to get in the door with these guys for a while, believe it or not, the BullsEye! was the key."
Director of Marketing


Tripwire is a player in the crowded enterprise security software space, where market confusion has led to the difficulty in showing product differentiation. Across a diverse audience in the US and Canada, 3marketeers's program needed to immediately generate meetings among the C-Level audience vs. traditional IT directors in order to initiate the first step in the long consultative selling process.


3marketeers deployed a BullsEye! Demand Creation program among 7,000 C-Level decision makers. Working with Tripwire marketing teams, 3marketeers created 3 levels of messaging, relative to unique audience and market differentiators. We generated a targetted prospect list, then cross referenced with appropriate sales team members. Sales team effectiveness was also measured to determine points for program process improvement in real-time. The Tripwire Demand Creation program has been increased in size for a larger scope launch.


  • 37% response rate overall
  • 19.6% response in first 4 days of launch
  • Marketing budget increased for additional BullsEye! programs
  • International launch program in development
  • Reporting integrated with ONYX CRM system


Company  >  Tripwire
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