3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: AMPRO Computer

"I work with the same team...We don't have to keep retraining our agency."
Director, Marketing


Ampro, an 18 year old, PC/104 board manufacturer was stuck with stagnant growth. 3marketeers was tasked to reposition the company into a horizontal market with $3 Billion in market potential, instead of its current vertical market opportunities of $150 Million. 3marketeers was also challenged with positioning and launching a new product family.


A new corporate identity was created, playing off the history of company within their market segment. By positioning the company and their solutions as being able to decrease a customer's time to market, 3marketeers highlighted how Ampro could help bring customers "faster time to profit!".


Ampro has seen increased sales since the re-launch. By selling "Time to Profit" upper management has pushed product direction to engineers, versus having to convince engineers on technical issues. Additionally, online purchasing through an e-commerce engine deployed on site has increased margins for smaller sales.


Company  >  Ampro Computer
Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, Semiconductor, International, Nationwide, OEM
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Collateral, Web Development, Direct Mail, Advertising, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Corporate Identity