3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: UltraRF

"I've worked with 3marketeers while at 2 other firms. I rely on 3marketeers, value their opinion, and will work with them in our next successful venture."
Past CEO/President


Launch a spin-off of a public company complete with market studies, corporate naming, positioning and messaging within a 5 week launch window.


3marketeers utilized in-depth knowledge of RF markets, interviewed integrators, beta customers, management team, and developed strategy along with a tactical launch plan. Our team developed the name "UltraRF", complete corporate literature, 300 page databooks, and the corporate website within 5 week window.


  • Corporate value increase 3x of expectations
  • Market awareness higher than 10 year old competition
  • Agency selected by acquiring company


Company  >  UltraRF
Industry  >  Technology, Semiconductor, Emerging Market, Start-Up, Government, Communications Systems
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Naming, Collateral, Web Development, Research, Advertising, Print, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs