7 Steps to Adding Lunch-n-Learns to Your Demand Generation Mix

Part of our webinar series:
Filling the Sales Lead Pipeline for Your Company
The Tactics and Tips to Get You There

Lunch-n-learns can yield high close rates and uncover sales opportunities quickly. But there's a lot that goes into filling the room with qualified prospects beyond just offering a free lunch.

Watch “7 Steps to Adding Lunch-n-Learns to Your Demand Generation Mix” to learn the seven steps behind running a successful lunch-n-learn event—one sure to have your sales team singing your praises. In this webinar, we'll cover topics including:

  • Pre-event planning
  • Choosing a location
  • Scheduling invites and follow up
  • Best-practice checklist
  • Tips for a smoother outcome

Learn how to incorporate successful lunch-n-learns as part of your overall demand-generation program. Hear from Jeff Holmes, CEO, and Beryl Israel, VP of Account Services with 3marketeers Advertising. Having run hundreds of demand generation programs for clients, we’ll share what works best—and what doesn't.

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