3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Kodak

"Your research into our new market has paid off in the fantastic campaign you just developed for Kodak OLED."
Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Kodak is the undisputed leader in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology used to produce next generation display screens. To enable more manufacturers to come online for the major ramp in production, Kodak needed to portray itself as a leading supplier of materials to create OLED display screens. A product identity was needed to convey the overall product offering.


3marketeers created a complete OLED materials campaign centered around "Brilliant Science". Positioning based on Kodak's reputation as an R&D powerhouse was parlayed to bridge the gap from inventor to materials supplier.


  • Complete identity was created for Brilliant Science
  • Worldwide recognition as leading OLED supplier
  • Identity tested positive with int'l audience
  • Marketing dept. buy-in under 2 months


Company  >  Kodak
Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, Services, Display, Emerging Market, Start-Up, International, Consultative Selling, OEM
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Collateral, International Localization, Advertising, Online, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs