3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Business Credit USA

"3marketeers' process, creative ideas, and responsiveness have been great. You've lived up to my expectations."
General Manager


3marketeers was tasked with breathing life into an untapped revenue potential within InfoUSA database information properties.


3marketeers designed a more intuitive, easy to use online user interface, thus increasing page views and enabling users to close online purchases easier. 3marketeers worked with users, integrators, and a backend programming team to develop a faster GUI for users interested in business credit information online. In addition, our design allowed for 400% more advertising opportunities, cross-selling of product, and less bandwidth requirements on data center servers.


  • Faster User Interface
  • More intuitive sales experience
  • Increase in advertising revenues due to design
  • Increased close rate of online purchases


Company  >  Business Credit USA
Industry  >  Consumer, Products, Services, Emerging Market, Nationwide, SOHO, Information
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Web Development, Messaging, Strategy