3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: InfoUSA

"3marketeers has helped us build sales. They know how to leverage the InfoUSA brand to increase our sales."
Vin Gupta, Chairman InfoUSA


3marketeers was selected to develop a media strategy, negotiate, buy and traffic online and print media for an ongoing multimillion dollar advertising campaign driving leads to Infousa.com.


3marketeers renegotiated existing media rates for InfoUSA, saving $500,000 over a six month period. By partnering with publishers, 3marketeers was able to help InfoUSA cut marketing costs by 70%, while increasing media exposure overall.


  • Cut media costs by 70%
  • Saved $500,000 over six months
  • Established publishing partnerships
  • Automated media tracking to determine ROI


Company  >  InfoUSA
Industry  >  Consumer, Software, Products, Emerging Market, Fortune 1000, Nationwide, Information
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Channel Programs, Web Development, Advertising, Messaging, Strategy, Media