3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Polk City Directory

"InfoUsa aquired Polk very quickly. 3marketeers helped us integrate the brand into our family in less than one month."
Vin Gupta, Chairman InfoUSA


3marketeers was contracted to leverage the "Polk Brand" during the InfoUSA aquisition of 150 year old Polk City Directories.


3marketeers worked with InfoUSA and Polk management/sales teams and customers to determine the brand experience, perception, values, and vision. With both quantitative and qualitative results, in less than one month, 3marketeers developed a comprehensive online experience representing Polk City Directories. The project included research, scope development, site architecture, design, construction, graphic creation, complete coding and integration of backend data delivery functionality. Additionally, 3marketeers developed all messaging, content, copy, and methodology for cross-selling products to regional, national and InfoUSA family lines.


  • Complete stealth mode operation
  • One month integration of brand to "live"
  • Increase in online order size
  • Online sales increases vs. salesforce


Company  >  Polk City Directory
Industry  >  Consumer, Products, Fortune 1000, Nationwide, Information
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Channel Programs, Web Development, Research, Messaging