3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Align

Align had the top rated ad in a recent Dental Economics ad recall and readership study. That’s in addition to impressive CTA results.


Align wanted a print and email campaign designed to increase dentists’ adoption of the Invisalign system. They needed a strong message that focused on how Invisalign can help grow dentists’ practice. They also wanted to take this opportunity to refresh their brand look and feel.


We embraced the opportunity to evolve Align's brand with a fresh approach in their new print and lead generation/email campaigns. The message promoted practice growth for dentists with statistics supporting both Invisalign's popularity with patients and its improved clinical outcomes. A strong call to action focused on limited-time savings on training and drove dentists to a landing page for easy course registration.


Registrations and lasting impressions! Not only did Align hit their training course registration goal for Invisalign during the promotion period, they won an award from Dental Economics for top ad recall and readership scores during the month it ran.


Company  >  Align
Industry  >  Healthcare, Technology
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Lead Generation, Advertising, Print, Online, Ads, Marketing Automation, Lead Nurturing, Nurture Campaigns