3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Creation of online repository makes Cisco sales training resources easily available worldwide

3marketeers helps Cisco get valuable training resources into the right hands quickly and easily. Adoption of comprehensive online tool continues to soar!


There are a wealth of resources to help Cisco and its global partners become more productive, knowledgeable and competent in selling Cisco solutions. The challenge was accessing them. Their resources resided in so many different places and in different languages that finding them was difficult, leaving these valuable tools underutilized.


We worked with Cisco to create The SELL: Sales Enablement Learning Lifecycle, an easy-to-use online resource that served as a comprehensive repository, which we localized for four regions. Organized into five key areas, The SELL is easily navigable making it convenient for Cisco partner community leadership, account managers and sales engineers to access the tools to train and retain at any level.


The adoption rate of The SELL has far exceeded the client’s expectations. The site has had nearly 8,900 visits and nearly 2,800 downloads from its mobile app in the first year it’s been available.


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