3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: WaveLight

"eTrigue is marketing Judo. With eTrigue, any company can outmaneuver huge competitors."
VP Marketing


WaveLight designs, manufactures, and sells its ALLEGRETTO WAVE Lasik systems to ophthalmologists. These highly trained eye surgeons are often multitasking entrepreneurs who simultaneously care for patients, manage their business, and explore advanced medical technology. WaveLight needed an efficient way to send email to all the prospective surgeons who migh benefit from WaveLight's lasers and track the resulting Website activity.


3marketeers deployed its outbound email and lead tracking/harvesting system, eTrigue


  • Over 12 months eTrigue messaging generated a 28% response rate among key prospects.
  • Lead tracking drove regular improvements in message effectiveness.
  • Programmed eTrigue campaigns increased Website activity more than 64%.
  • A constantly updated prospect database with visit histories enabled regional sales managers to learn a prospect's interests before the first meeting.
  • Wavelight advertising campaigns and BullsEye! demand generation programs generate positive response and win ADDY awards 2 years consecutively.


Company  >  WaveLight
Industry  >  Technology, International, Medical Devices, Medical Lasers
Discipline  >  eTrigue, BullsEye!, Advertising, Demand Creation, Lead Harvesting