3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Silver Peak Systems

"My previous firm discovered eTrigue where we saw the true potential of 'lead harvesting'. Now our sales teams have insight into prospect interest levels, and know when leads are HOT."
Vice President, WW Marketing


Silver Peak helps companies connect WAN applications with users across long-distance geographies with LAN-like performance. Silver Peak needed a way to automatically identify "hot leads" for a growing international sales team. Additionally they needed an effective way to automate their "lead harvesting" programs for follow-up with all prospects.


3marketeers deployed an eTrigueR Integrated Lead Generation & Lead Harvesting system for Silver Peak. With two teams working in parallel, we ensure "hot" leads are automatically captured and routed to the appropriate sales team for rapid processing. The 3marketeers marketing support team works ongoing to create, coordinate and execute staged marketing programs to handle all prospect followup within eTrigue. eTrigue's rules based engine allows for changes within the sales process on the fly.


  • eTrigue helps Sales team focus on "Hot" prospects
  • All prospects are harvested for lead nurturing
  • Management teams receive scheduled activity summaries
  • Sales teams focus energy on sales, not cold-calling
  • Integrated with Salesforce.com
  • Real-time alerts help prove prospect interest


Company  >  Silver Peak Systems
Industry  >  Technology, Hardware, Software, Products, Services, Emerging Market, Start-Up, Fortune 1000, International, Consultative Selling, Government, Network Security, Networking
Discipline  >  eTrigue, Interactive/Multimedia, Web Development, Lead Generation, Messaging, Strategy, Lead Harvesting, Dot Org Initiative