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"I have worked with 3marketeers for the past 10+ years. We always get a Senior team, and fantastic world-class work we are proud of."
IrDA Founding Member


The Infrared Data Association, often referred to as IrDA, is a worldwide organization whose goal is to develop globally adopted specifications for infrared wireless communication. Celebrating its ten-year anniversary, IrDA was formed in 1994. It thrives today due to the hundreds of corporate and individual members who volunteer their time and know-how to the continued development of IrDA applications and specifications.


3marketeers worked in conjunction with the IrDA standards team to gather input from all members, worldwide. The resulting support literature was developed to assist in efforts to build the IrDA from its roots to a global base of acceptance. 3marketeers worked in conjunction with industry pioneer Ken Jacobsen, and helped create additional marketing in support of Temic IrDA efforts.


  • International literature
  • Worldwide acceptance from 50+ companies
  • Utilized by PalSource, HP, Motorola, Sharp, Panasonic


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