3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Hewlett-Packard

"Your understanding of the Security space is unequaled."
Business Unit Manager


HP suffered from a very broad product line in the Enterprise Security software market. Each product differed tremendously, yet all were grouped together from a customer perspective. HP needed to segment each product as a separate offering.


3marketeers created messaging and a unique advertising campaign that allowed the security product message to rise above the non-descript HP image. By creating messaging that IT Departments were taking risks without their knowledge, the campaign was able to help position HP as a combination services/product offering - capitalizing on the well-known service component of HP and opening the door for cross-selling opportunities.


  • HP gained significant market share
  • Reader awareness was "Top 5" when surveyed
  • Campaign was expanded to include direct response


Company  >  Hewlett-Packard
Industry  >  Technology, Software, Products, Services, Emerging Market, International, Consultative Selling, Network Security, Networking
Discipline  >  Advertising, Messaging