3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: GTE Mobilnet

"Your team has helped us support our retailers much better. Cellular One is following our every move."
VP., Marketing & Sales Reseller Programs


GTE Mobilnet was the first company to launch cellular phone service in the western United States. They needed to build a retailer base, quickly sign users, and support end users to minimize customer dissatisfaction.


3marketeers worked with the Mobilnet team to formulate a plan for collateral, direct mail, and end user materials. We created a modular approach to design, enabling our team to build 95 brochures to support 5 western regions. All direct mail, collateral, sales aids, co-op advertising, and support pieces were designed, copywritten, produced, printed, and shipped with a turnkey program by 3marketeers - thus GTE had very predictable budgets, schedules, and responsiveness.


  • GTE Mobilnet had 95% awareness in 4 months
  • GTE experienced less initial returns
  • Highest response rates in region
  • Sales Aids 35% less expensive than budgetted
  • Turnkey design/production eliminated guesswork
  • Award winning direct mail programs


Company  >  GTE Mobilnet
Industry  >  Consumer, Services, Emerging Market, Communications Systems
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Collateral, Channel Programs, Research, Direct Mail, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Sales Aids