3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Nintendo - Taxan/Kaga

"GI Joe sold out in 3 months."
Vice President of Marketing


Nintendo is a world class family of products and technology for the consumer gaming market. To leverage licensed properties, Nintendo works with 3rd party manufacturers and developers to develop new products for the consumer market.


3marketeers worked directly with Nintendo, Taxan/Kaga, and Hasbro internal teams, 3rd party manufacturing and a team of product developers to package, promote and position GI Joe, Low-G-Man, 8-eyes, and a host of other games.


  • Products picked up worldwide
  • Sold out GI Joe in 3 months
  • Complete program including packaging, advertising, POP
  • 6 week time to market
  • Award-winning packaging
  • International production coordination


Company  >  Nintendo - Taxan/Kaga
Industry  >  Consumer, Emerging Market, Start-Up, Gaming
Discipline  >  Collateral, Packaging & POP, Channel Programs, Tradeshow, Research, Program Identity, Advertising, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs