3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Interbath



Interbath is a leading manufacturer of Bath and Shower products. The company needed a product line experience focused on in-store SKUs, packaging, trade journal advertising, and a variety of direct marketing. New and existing relationships with such retailers as Target, Home Depot, OSH, and True-Value required unique retail solutions including addressing packaging, end caps, self-shippers and styling adjustments within each retailer. Style guides were also needed to support product shippers, co-merchant advertisements, sales aids and product SKU's.


3marketeers team members adopted a cosmetic sport/personal care approach that portrayed hardware bath items as easy to install and resulting in immediate gratification. Unconventional creative development was partnered with an evolving industrial design allowing Interbath to transition from a mid-level plumbing manufacturer to a top-tier bath consumer line. Interbath results proved substantial in the US market and were quickly adopted in Canada and Australia. This move forced competitors such as Kohler and WaterPik to make changes in their respective product lines as well.


  • Handheld shower product awareness
  • Shower and bath fixtures approachable by laymen
  • Greater brand awareness
  • Perceived higher value of product line(s)
  • Challenged competitors in market space
  • Encouraged new retailer relationships


Company  >  Interbath
Industry  >  Consumer, Hardware, Products, International, Shower & Bath, Plumbing
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Collateral, Packaging & POP, Channel Programs, Tradeshow, Direct Mail, Advertising, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Corporate Identity, In-Store Display, Sales Aids, Exhibits