3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Diamond Multimedia

"Our IPO would have suffered instead of prospered without your team."
Chong Moon Lee, Founder & Chairman


Diamond Multimedia has been widely recognized as a pioneer in the graphics industry and a key player in launching the multimedia revolution. Diamond provides superior quality advanced graphics, audio and communications hardware solutions for home and business users, enabling them to create, access and experience compelling new media content from their desktops and through the Internet. The company was privately held (named DCC) and while the channel existed, products were perceived as "low cost", not the best choice from a "price/performance" perspective. No clear channel strategy existed beyond moving inventory.


3marketeers team members renamed the company and aggressively repackaged the product line to create an in-channel brand. The resulting effect created vast new opportunities for the new "Diamond Multimedia". Channel sales increased significantly via a new co-op advertising campaign and Diamond Multimedia soon went public. The elements of the brand created by our team still exist today on all packaging, the website and in the channel.


  • Significant IPO & rapid market growth
  • Analyst awareness increased leading to overall valuation increase
  • Brand withstood the test of time/market downturn
  • Current channel strategy still based on original plan
  • Original Website has successfully evolved utilizing initial architecture


Company  >  Diamond Multimedia
Industry  >  Consumer, Technology, Software, Products, Emerging Market, Start-Up, International, Gaming, SOHO
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Naming, Packaging & POP, Channel Programs, Tradeshow, Web Development, Research, Program Identity, Advertising, Print, Online, Messaging, Strategy