3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Apple

"An extraordinary in-store kiosk system, and a subsequent end-cap display, helped us move our PDA products when no one knew what they were!"
Newton Product Evangelist


Apple wanted to revolutionize computing with "Paradigm 3"; what we now know as PDA's (personal digital assistants). The problem was the product was not ready for market, the budget was small, and consumer awareness was zero. Despite early models being bulky, expensive and bug-ridden, the Newton sub-brand of Apple had to make inroads quickly.


3marketeers understands branding is an experience, a belief and an identity. The channel had to make the difference as there was virtually no launch time to build demand. Working with Apple's incumbant agency to extend the existing brand equity, a new means was sought to demonstrate the product. Stand-alone and self-powered Kiosks were developed to provide a "hands-on" experience. Advertising and the associated collateral were oriented to a "revolution" in computing. When sales were less than projected, our team rebundled the Newton offering more software, a carrying case and an additional hook-up cable. Fans still take their Newtons to Jobs' keynote speeches at Macworld and wave them in the air, as a testimony to the power of the brand campaign that launched this phenomenon.


  • Significant initial market penetration
  • "Sell-out" of inventory after packaging modifications
  • Brought consumers up to speed quickly on product
  • Integrated handheld form factor to a Kiosk demo


Company  >  Apple
Industry  >  Consumer, Emerging Market, Start-Up
Discipline  >  Channel Programs, Advertising, Messaging, Launch Programs, In-Store Display, Kiosk