3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Adeza Biomedical

"3marketeers creates impact in not only the troops, but also the generals."
Director, Strategic Marketing


Adeza Biomedical sought to dramatically improve their online presence and boost demand for their products and services through both healthcare professionals and patients.


3marketeers helped Adeza achieve their objectives by developing a streamlined corporate website that spoke to women and their families while also speaking technically to the health care professional. Written and pictorial messaging communicated the risk and vulnerability that Adeza works to mitigate for women.


The Adeza (FullTerm) website provides the company with a site that is easy for users to access (dial-up modems), search engine visible, and scalable to the growing demands of the company. It allows Adeza the ability to edit and maintain on an internal basis, with quick and easy reports of all site traffic. The traffic and conversions for patient "tests" is up over 1600% since the new site has launched.


Company  >  Adeza Biomedical
Industry  >  Healthcare, Consumer, Products, Services, Start-Up, International
Discipline  >  Interactive/Multimedia, Web Development, Research, Advertising, Online, Messaging, Strategy, Launch Programs, Media, Webinars