3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Xylinx

"...'provacative and unique' reflects the final product mark that your team developed."
Vice President of Product Marketing


Xylink sought to launch a new software, Xactstep. Xactstep needed to help build the Xylinx brand and establish a unique identity as a product.


Team members of 3marketeers had to develop a mark that incorporated the corporate palette and served well in the B-to-B software channels. The mark was aggressive but gracefully balanced, communicating the "stepladder" development Xactstep provided in the semiconductor production cycle. An eloquent typographic selection worked in unison with the dynamic stepladder visual.


A product was born. The mark defined Xactstep from Xylinx as sophisticated in the world of software, but effective enough to maintain competitive pace in the aggressive marketplace. The translation from bitmap to vector uses were clean and compelling across the myriad of uses.


Company  >  Xylinx
Industry  >  Technology, Semiconductor
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Corporate Identity