3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Pfizer

"Work was smart, functional and cost-effective, providing all areas of recruitment a sound selling tool."
Director, College Recruiting Programs


Pfizer, a global pharmaceuticals company, needed to reach recent college graduates to attract the best talent for its divisions around the world. Recruiters in multiple locations needed a central location to post job openings. Additional needs included a scalable marketing resource intranet.


Develop a scalable college recruiting website and marketing resource intranet. Design, program, and track effectiveness while working with the corporate style guide. Launch a fully functional site complete with open-source backend on a 6-week schedule.


  • Both sites live within 6 weeks
  • Agency handled initial maintenance
  • Easy-to-use interface for marketing/HR support
  • Indepth user profiling
  • Online surveys enable applicant prequalification


Company  >  Pfizer
Industry  >  Healthcare, Consumer, International, Pharmaceutical
Discipline  >  Web Development, Program Identity, Messaging, Strategy, Training Materials