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"To gain awareness of SOMO?INSIGHT, we needed an identity that resonated with the women we were targeting. Breast cancer is an intimate and integral subject, and we wanted women to immediately relate to what we?re trying to achieve."
Kathy Quiroz, RN, RDMS, Director o


To address the unmet medical need of women with dense breast tissue to receive a more thorough breast cancer screening than mammograms alone provide, U-Systems is seeking FDA approval for somo?v?, an ultrasound scanner with an advanced computer imaging system to be used for breast cancer screening in addition to standard mammograms for this at-risk population. They are conducting a multi-center clinical trial called SOMO?INSIGHT to provide the necessary data for FDA review and need to enroll 20,000 patients in the trial.


To help recruit study participants, U-Systems came to 3marketeers for a two-phased approach to branding and awareness:
  • Phase 1: Brand development, which included graphic design and a design guide
  • Phase 2: Execution of the brand, which included use of the brand in participant-oriented brochures and posters targeted at multiple age and ethnic audiences.

    Based on experience working with other bio/medical device companies and end-user, patient audiences, 3marketeers developed a brand concept that:
  • Supports the opportunity for women to help others and themselves
  • Attracts patient volunteers and encourages study participation
  • Leverages the importance of breast cancer screening for all women
  • Identifies the advanced and patient-friendly technology


  • Earlier this year, U-Systems launched SOMO?INSIGHT branded with a visually appealing logo that has received positive feedback from study enrollees.
  • The brochure and posters have helped launch SOMO?INSIGHT?s enrollment efforts.


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