3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: WiMedia

"3marketeers has been amazing. You took input from 30 companies, and successfully created a worldwide standards mark and brand application guide that works for everyone."
Founding Board Member


The WiMedia Alliance is an open industry association formed to promote wireless personal-area network (WPAN) connectivity and interoperability for multiple industry-based protocols. The WiMedia Alliance develops and adopts standards-based specifications for connecting wireless multimedia devices, including application, transport, and control profiles; test suites; and a certification program to accelerate wide-spread consumer adoption of "wire-free" imaging and multimedia solutions.


3marketeers worked in conjunction with the WiMedia standards Marketing team to gather input from all members, worldwide. The resulting mark was a process involving over 50 solutions, each encompassing international recognition, testing for readability, meaning, and portrayal of ultra-fast wideband home networking.


  • International logo & brand application guide
  • Worldwide acceptance from 30+ companies
  • Logo mark identifiable in every language
  • Utilized by Intel, Kodak, Samsung, TI


Company  >  WiMedia
Industry  >  Consumer, Technology, Hardware, Semiconductor, Emerging Market, International, OEM, Communications Systems, Networking
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, International Localization, Program Identity, Messaging, Corporate Identity