3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Paraform - SGI

"Our new packaging is beyond our expectations. The developers, marketing dept., and agency all worked together to develop this perfect solution."
Director of Marketing


Create value image for new product within high-end Industrial Design/Entertainment modeling software. Product sells for $18,000 per seat.


3marketeers created an adaptable 3 dimensional package that plays on the corporate idenity. The package was designed with unconventional materials for construction, lending to leading edge market positioning. The product package is made of honeycomb plastic with metallic looking print. Getting Started Guide is easily adaptable for version 2 of product release without the cost of retooling or reprinting.


A unique product package that properly positions the high end, high value of the product.
  • Strengthens brand image
  • Allows for easy updates without reprinting
  • Cost effective


    Company  >  Paraform-SGI
    Industry  >  Software
    Discipline  >  Packaging & POP