Nutanix Journey to the Cloud

Nutanix is a hyper-converged infrastructure pioneer whose technology is a building block for private clouds. With a keen understanding that the journey from a legacy infrastructure to a cloud infrastructure can be daunting, Nutanix partnered with 3marketeers to develop a sales campaign that helps the client reach the Summit of cloud based infrastructure.

Working with 3marketeers, we always know we’re in good hands.

The Opportunity

Nutanix unifies public cloud simplicity and agility with private cloud performance and security. Supporting Nutanix sales team to generate leads and reach new audiences for their public cloud solutions.

The Solution

3marketeers adapted their Journey to the Cloud concept into an outdoor hiking themed high-response BullsEye campaign. Included in the solution was a direct mail piece with die-cut pop-ups and a custom designed microsite with animations that took the recipient on a guided tour to Nutanix’s public cloud summit. 

Interactive Microsite Design

Lead Alerts

Nutanix - Journey to the Cloud - Email

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