Palo Alto Networks Attack Simulation

Cyber threats are on the rise and Palo Alto Networks has one of the most effective threat detection solutions in the world. In this collaboration we helped Palo Alto Networks simulate the effectiveness of their tool during a real time attack.

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The Challenge

Until it happens to an organization it’s hard to really understand the stress and damage that can be caused by a cyber attack. Especially if it goes undetected. Palo Alto Networks’ goal was to create an interactive experience that gave customers a glimpse into an attack and an opportunity to participate in the solution.

The Solution

In collaboration with Palo Alto Networks’ marketing team, we developed an interactive command center microsite that included video game style graphics and animated videos. In the command center, the customer is presented with an attack and can choose their avatar to solve the problem. Each avatar represents a real-world employee at Palo Alto Networks and showcased how their world-class solution and team is so effective.

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