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Laser-Targeted Demand Generation

3marketeers’ integrated campaign allowed us to be incredibly agile, outmaneuvering our competition. It was marketing judo.

The Opportunity

WaveLight Technology (owned by Alcon) needed an efficient and effective way to engage prospective ophthalmologists who might benefit from WaveLight’s cutting-edge lasers for vision correction. And, equally valuable, detailed tracking of their results. Their target market of highly-trained eye surgeons are often multitasking entrepreneurs who simultaneously care for patients, manage their business, and explore advanced medical technology.

The Solution

3marketeers deployed a fully-integrated program including email nurturing campaigns enabled by eTrigue’s Lead Accelerator marketing automation platform, and BullsEye! high-response demand generation.

The Results

  • Over 12 months, the campaign generated a 28% response rate among key prospects.
  • Lead tracking drove regular improvements in message effectiveness.
  • Nurture campaigns increased website activity more than 64%.
  • The prospect database was continually updated with visit histories enabling sales to learn a prospect’s interests before reaching out to schedule a meeting.
  • This campaign was so successful it was highlighted in WaveLight’s annual report as a key factor for increased revenue from the year prior. 

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