1:1 Marketing Programs Create More Opportunities

At the end of the day marketing must drive sales. But if you're marketing the same way as everyone else, you better be extremely lucky or have a very large checkbook.

Over the past 2 decades we've met a lot of people with interesting companies and challenges. It's amazing though how many companies believe they can differentiate themselves by utilizing the same methodologies, tactics, and "stale ideas" that have been around for 25 years.

To Drive Sales You Have to Establish 1:1 Relationships.

3marketeers has firmly embraced innovative Demand Creation & Lead Generation technologies for building 1:1 relationships, hired the best creative and account talent, and developed innovative solutions and support programs that generate sales. We've found new ways to cut through the clutter and motivate prospect behavior. Bottom line, we know how to drive your sales and make you successful.

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Tony Tissot, Director of Marketing, Coradiant - Creating Awareness and Generating Demand

Creating Awareness and Generating Demand

Tony Tissot, Coradiant, Director of Marketing

An integrated program of multiple audience Demand Creation and Lead Generation as a startup ramping sales. See how Coradiant continually exceeds expectations.

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Paul Calento, VP Marketing and Research, InfoWorld - Doing M-O-R-E with Integrated Marketing

Doing M-O-R-E with Integrated Marketing

Paul Calento, InfoWorld, VP Marketing & Research

Building a successful program requires new tools and innovative thinking if you're trying to reach the IT decision maker.

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Redline Networks

BullsEye! Demand Creation in the Insurance Vertical generates 37% response rates

See how Cisco successfully leveraged BullsEye! Demand Creation with channel partners across the US.

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Educate product designers and the C-Level at the same time with 51% response

See how Kodak Display Imaging Group utilized BullsEye! Demand Creation, Branding and awareness programs in the US and Japan simultaneously.

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Demand Creation in Healthcare markets pushes sales up 250%

See how BullsEye! programs generated 34% response rates, and $13.2MM in sales in record time.

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