eTrigue Benefits

Close Sales Faster

eTrigue supports customers and prospects who need more information about companies and products. From prospects and customers who seek this information the system captures and retains contact information along with visit history. When prospects indicate pre-purchasing behavior such as increased information gathering, sales can concentrate and close faster on better prospects.

Real-Time Lead Alerts

Receive detailed prospect activity alerts via email in real-time, at predetermined reporting intervals, or in your CRM System. Timing and timeliness are critical to making the sale. Knowing when your prospects are researching a buying decision or just continuing their education lets you to engage with the right message at the right time. eTrigue’s real-time Lead Alerts deliver a detailed prospect snapshot to let you know when your company and specifically which products are top-of-mind. More on Real-Time Lead Alerts >

Marketing Analytics & Effectiveness Reporting

Measuring program and message effectiveness is key to accurate and actionable recommendations about where you should be investing your marketing dollars. eTrigue gives you the tools to easily analyze and quantify your marketing programs to demonstrate individual campaign and message effectiveness. More on eTrigue's Marketing Analytics >

Ongoing eTrigue Program Support

Because 3maketeers developed eTrigue on an ASP model, it is fully supported by 3marketeers eliminating the need for support from your IT department. Additionally, 3marketeers marketing team is available to augment and offload your marketing staff in areas extending from mundane tasks, such as list sourcing to message planning, scheduling, development, and execution, all the way to innovative marketing programs. More about eTrigue's Marketing Success Partner program >