eTrigue Lead Harvesting Helps Close Sales Faster

Marketing and Sales can be united, harvesting prospects and delivering more qualified leads.

Integrating Lead Generation and Tracking
A properly designed lead generation system should offer ongoing, closed-loop, measurable programs which nurtures and builds valuable 1:1 relationships. Online campaigns should be "rules-based" and automated so marketing can design programs which help prospects "sell themselves". eTrigue is the lead generation and lead harvesting platform, complete with marketing support to deliver best practices ongoing to ensure higher success - faster.

eTrigue® Lead Generation & Lead Harvesting Helps Identify Which Prospects to Focus on
The eTrigue platform not only manages online lead generation, but also real-time notifications and rules-based triggering for continued lead development and identified prospect activity-based tracking. In it's 4th generation, eTrigue is designed to solve the accountability gap between marketing efforts which generate leads and sales efforts which require continual leads that meet changing "qualification" criteria. With eTrigue, sales teams can now count on a predictable qualified lead pipeline.

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Jeff Holmes, CEO, 3marketeers Lead Generation Programs - Effectively “harvesting” qualified prospects with Lead GenerationEffectively “Harvesting” Qualified Prospects with Integrated Lead Generation
Jeff Holmes
CEO, 3marketeers Lead Generation Programs

According to the Aberdeen Group, up to 70% of leads are never followed up. Now, using the latest intelligent lead generation and harvesting platforms and programs, companies can resolve this issue by enabling Marketing to automatically deliver real-time sales leads, and continually harvest prospects over time.
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Redline Sales teams focus on "Hot" Leads, while Marketing "Harvests"

See how Redline Networks implemented a complete lead generation & lead harvesting system ensuring"hot" leads were automatically captured and routed to the appropriate salesperson for rapid action.
Coradiant needed a scalable, integrated and easy to manage lead generation platform to quickly drive sales

This ondemand webinar will share how Coradiant utilizes an integrated approach to lead generation and ongoing prospect harvesting.
Silver Peak needed a way to identify "hot leads" quickly for a growing international sales team

See how Silver Peak found more than just a tool for lead generation, they discovered a complete marketing support team and processes to effectively automate their "lead harvesting" programs.

Redline Networks
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Download Case Study
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Silver Peak
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Download Case Study


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