Video Production Overview Adar November 2, 2022

Video Production Overview

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Sample Video:
What to Expect

The shoot will take place virtually on a video screenshare call – you will receive a camera and lighting kit along with a return shipping label.

We will plan 90 minutes on the calendar for the shoot. During that time, the first 20 – 30 minutes will be spent fine-tuning any camera settings and discussing your talking points before we start recording. The tone will be professional but casual. The entire shoot can be as quick as 30 minutes in a well-prepared environment. The finished piece will be edited to a 2-3 minute video, so keep concise responses in mind.


The intended target is your customer, decision makers, and influencers. Imagine you are talking directly to them. What do they care about? What are their pain points? What are their most compelling triggers for taking action?

Talking Points

Reading a script can often times sound canned, and un-authentic. To help ensure you sound your best, we have a couple suggestions:

  1. Prepare 3 or 4 bulleted talking points. We can assist with refining your message, and note, some may be used visually in lieu of audio to highlight your audio.
  2. Below are some questions to get you started. If you feel there are addition points that can influence your target, be prepared to share.
    1. What is your role at your company?
    2. What is occurring that is driving the need for your product/service?
    3. What is the risk of not adopting your product/service now vs. later?
    4. How does your company solve your clients’ problems? And how do you do it better or differently than your competitors?
    5. Are there any other differentiating or disruptive technologies to highlight?
    6. What is the call-to-action? An invitation, an offer, a request to meet, etc.?
After The Shoot

Easily upload the footage here.