A full-service media partner delivers more than just services, it delivers momentum.

3marketeers can launch your advertising campaign with speed and confidence. Our suite of capabilities includes everything from big-picture media strategy and negotiation to the daily details. Our top-notch media planning, buying and tracking team is informed by and supported by the most powerful and sophisticated resources in the business. Our team places media through print, online, broadcast TV, radio, cable, outdoor/billboard, transit, email and mobile devices.


3marketeers believes performance does not end at "rates". Once a sound strategy is established we focus on negotiating the lowest possible rates; and work hard to maximize exposure through various value-added opportunities. Those opportunities include targeted online media, mailing lists, analyst information and much more.


Your marketing investment should continue to work for you. 3marketeers concentrates on campaign ROI through ongoing focus testing of various creative executions. Our process tracks realtime results, allowing for quick adjustments to enhance overall performance.