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E*TRADE Branding

The Opportunity

In 1992, 3marketeers started working with TradePLUS founder Bill Porter, before there was an E*TRADE. Today E*TRADE Financial Corporation is a global financial services holding company that offers a range of financial products and services primarily through its subsidiaries. The company serves retail, corporate and institutional customers, principally under the E*TRADE Financial brand, providing brokerage, banking and lending products through electronic delivery channels, including the Internet.

3marketeers helped us name, brand, and launch our company. We worked hands on with senior people even though we were only a start-up.

The Solution

3marketeers worked directly with TradePLUS executives to develop the E*TRADE Corporation naming, logo identity, nationwide advertising for early adopters, media placement, collateral, and direct marketing programs to launch the E*TRADE corp/product naming and concept. The E*TRADE Financial logo in use today, is a direct derivative of the work produced by 3marketeers for E*TRADE.

The Results

  • E*TRADE was responsible for creating online trading as an industry
  • Agency named company
  • Agency created Corp. Branding
  • Created early adopter program prior to company IPO
  • Helped market initial E*TRADE game through CompuServe & AOL to get consumers comfortable with online trading
  • Responsible for early adopter direct mail, media and communications
  • 4 years as agency of record
  • $4 billion market cap

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