Brands have voice. When they work, brand voice speaks volumes about products, services, companies, even people. But, in a world where brands abound and come at us from a thousand sources, brand voices become muffled, confused, and faint. The key to breaking through the noise is focus. Like the crack of thunder on a summer evening, voice must penetrate the depths of emotions and resonate in conscious thoughts. Once discovered, voice is unyielding and unforgettable. Not only does it become the easy handle for communicating many complex ideas and concepts, brand voice triggers easy recognition and speeds rapid acceptance.

Discovering the right brand voice is no trick. It is a process, but it is not a science. It is experience and intuition, feeling, understanding, careful research, careful analysis, and most of all it is listening. It is listening to many customers, employees, and competitors, then looking for the threads that integrate rapid recognition, acceptance, and approval together. Based on myriad interviews and background research, MarketVoice delivers matrices tailored to a client’s marketing needs, from a solitary message for a product/service to multiple communications specifically targeted across various audiences. MarketVoice essentially establishes the voiceprint for a brand to ensure that every message is delivered in character and appropriately to the sensibilities of the target group.