eTrigue Features

Lead Activity Tracking, Lead Harvesting and Nurturing

eTrigue lets you listen to your customer through email opens, webinars, web page views and more. Instantly know who’s on your web site, for how long and how often they return. With eTrigue, you can: reveal prospect interests by tracking behavior from web page visits, email opens, landing pages and forms, identify unique buying behaviors based on visit intensity, frequency and duration, see where prospects originate and which source has the best close rates, and alert sales in real-time to any specific type or combination of activity. More about Lead Activity Tracking >

eTrigue Integrates with, AppExchange, and Microsoft CRM

Maintaining a tight connection between your CRM and demand generation solutions is critical to give sales the information they need to effectively engage and convert new leads. eTrigue provides unparalleled integration with popular CRM solutions to provide detailed customer activity information to Sales without requiring them to learn yet another application. More about eTrigue's CRM Integration >

1:1 Email Marketing Engine & Individual Messaging Effectiveness

Email campaigns are one of the most cost effective ways to engage prospects. eTrigues’ integrated email engine gives you the power to easily target audiences large or small with tailored campaigns designed to generate more leads and close more sales. More about 1:1 Email Marketing Engine >