3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Kickfire

"Entering a new and emerging market space, we needed a site which would effectively present the Company and demonstrate our product. 3marketeers, in very little time, created a dynamic site that positioned KickFire perfectly."
President, CEO & Founder Ken Toren


Create product demo's, literature, and a corporate site that reflects an ever-changing market need -- marketing resource management. Present Kickfire as the single source for the marketing management of all marketing functions.


3marketeers created a Web site which showcases Kickfire as a new category of enterprise-class, Web-based applications -- and did it in only 10 days. The site illustrates Kickfire's fully integrated online application as a powerful tool for tracking ROI, resources, history and efforts relating to all activities within a company -world-wide.


  • Accurate promotion of Marketing Resource Management Category
  • Product demos created to be repurposed
  • Strong customer feedback
  • Case studies drive sales leads


Company  >  KickFire
Industry  >  Software, Emerging Market, Start-Up, Consultative Selling
Discipline  >  Collateral, Interactive/Multimedia, Web Development, Launch Programs