3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Vinometer

"The unique package 3marketeers created gave our product an instant boost. A sophisticated presentation that was still an affordable and economical solution."
Founding Partner


Redesign consumer packaging and POP display to position the product for impulse purchase, $6.95, in upper-end boutique wine stores. Also create an economic retail version, $3.95, of packaging for club stores and mass appeal audience.


3marketeers created an appealing, highly visible, unique sized package utilizing foil. The product is presented with POP displays that also act as master shipping boxes. The display/shipping box concept gives each retailer a new POP with each shipment, yet only cost pennies for additional printing to keep the display fresh.


  • Picked up by Beverages & More, Williams-Sonoma and Martha Stewart Enterprises.
  • POP also workes as shipper
  • Increased perceived value of product
  • Developed alternative product packaging


Company  >  Vinometer
Industry  >  Consumer
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Packaging & POP, In-Store Display, Sales Aids