3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: IC Verify

"The ad campaign and image created by 3marketeers made IC Verify stand out. We were able to jump start sales."
Vice President, Marketing & Sales


Introduce New Credit Card Verification software to a traditional and rather conservative banking/reseller market. Create excitement and industry interest in these new innovative products.


3marketeers positioned ICVerify as a young, innovative company, with technology solutions that were revolutionary. Each ad addresses a new product but continues to feature the baby and youthful elements. This idea has been spun off to other promotional avenues including trade show booths and direct mail marketing.


  • Exceeded consistently increased sales goals
  • Integration across multiple media
  • Larger-than-Life image of the new company


Company  >  IC Verify
Industry  >  Software
Discipline  >  Brand Identity, Collateral, Packaging & POP, Channel Programs, Tradeshow, Web Development, Direct Mail, Advertising, Print, Online, Messaging, Corporate Identity, Sales Aids, Exhibits, Media