3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Santa Clara University

"These numbers are very good. The ads are bringing traffic."
Director of Marketing


The Santa Clara University MSIS degree focuses on the application of technology for solving real organizational and business problems. Santa Clara University needed a strategy and tactic to build awareness for the Master of Science in Information Systems offered, and ultimately increase registration. Given their limited budget and their lack of success in reaching their target through print mediums, SCU needed to explore different avenues to achieve this goal.


3marketeers and SCU worked together to create and produce three 30 - second testimonial style Television ads from well-regarded graduates and professors within the Masters Program at Santa Clara University. 3marketeers then developed a comprehensive "localized" media plan that was specific to the Santa Clara target market.


  • Applications for registrations have increased significantly
  • Substantial website traffic increase
  • Increased awareness overall
  • 25% cost savings on Television media buy


Company  >  Santa Clara University
Industry  >  Consumer, Technology, Consultative Selling, Communications Systems, Education
Discipline  >  Video/Film, Advertising, Messaging, Broadcast, Media