3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: Scale gets more and higher quality leads with lead-generation program

“We needed more and better-quality leads. 3marketeers has always delivered for me. They are an extension of our marketing team and help me hit our numbers.”
GM, Executive Vice President Marketing and Sales


Scale needed to generate higher quality leads that would enable more consistent follow up by its internal sales team.


3marketeers developed a multi-faceted lead-generation program that was fully integrated with eTrigue, a marketing automation platform. Over the course of 12 months, we produced 10 webinars, 5 tech luncheons, 3 surveys, 2 media download campaigns, and 3 re-targeting campaigns.


Due to the program’s success of exceeding leads on nearly every lead-generation tactic, Scale decided to extend their program beyond their original engagement.
  • Averaging one webinar every 6 weeks, recorded webinars were also leveraged for nurture campaigns
  • Five live events were conducted in cities that sales identified as key locations for their target audience
  • Incented with iPad mini giveaways, surveys drew consistently stronger-than-expected participation and produced valuable insights
  • The survey results paper was leveraged by the firm’s PR team and was featured in other activities, including webinar content, whole-audience nurturing, and an infographic
  • Media downloads, targeted by company size, geos, industry and job level, promoted whitepapers and case studies with online banner ads
  • Retargeting campaigns creating increased awareness of Scale by triggering online banner ads for those who visited their site or engaged with any of their lead-gen activities.


    Company  >  Scale Computing
    Industry  >  Technology, Servers, Virtualization, Hyperconvergence
    Discipline  >  Lead Generation, Messaging, Webinars, List Development, Lunch-n-Learn, Surveys, Media Downloads, Nurture Campaigns, Results Paper-Survey findings