3marketeers | Creative | Case Study: WhiteHat Security Gets Loaded with Leads from Demand Gen Programs

“Thanks to 3marketeers, lead production is in high gear; so much so that our next concern is not letting leads fall on the floor.”
Chief Marketing Officer


WhiteHat needed to fill its lead pipeline—fast. They had great assets and dynamic speakers whose thought-leadership needed to be leveraged in terms of lead generation, not just social media and blog followers. They needed a demand gen program that consisted of a variety of tactics that delivered a high number of leads without exhausting their list.


We developed a multi-faceted, CRM-integrated lead generation program that included 5 webinars, 10 tech luncheons and a breakfast, 3 surveys, and a media download campaign that ran over a 5-month period. Because we sent the surveys from our research affiliate, these outbounds could run concurrently with the other carefully timed tactics without affecting their list.


Leads. Lots of them—well over 100% to goal on nearly every lead generation tactic executed. And it was far more than just quantity.
  • Webinars: Breaking their previous webinar attendance record, we continued to leverage the on-demand version to keep the leads coming. Live polling produced valuable webinar attendee insight.
  • Tech luncheons: Conducted in key sales-identified cities across the country, these events let salespeople do what they do best in optimal settings.
  • Surveys: Kindle giveaways drew strong participation and produced valuable insights. We developed a results paper, which was leveraged as premium content on their website and aided their PR efforts.
  • Media downloads: Targeting by company size, geos, industry and job level, we promoted whitepapers and case studies with online banners for leads that had to be capped at our allotment.


    Company  >  WhiteHat Security
    Industry  >  Technology, Software, Security
    Discipline  >  Lead Generation, Messaging, Webinars, List Development, Demand Generation, Lunch-n-Learn, Surveys, Media Downloads, Results Paper-Survey findings